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Posted on: 26th February, 2016

Impossible Partnerships: Software Culture

Event Details

Posted on:
26th February, 2016

The Culture Capital Exchange, in collaboration with Kingston University London and Royal Holloway University of London, invite you to a roundtable discussion about how Technology and Digitisation have revolutionised the way we think, remember, communicate, learn, create, interact and share.

The world’s digital infrastructure has altered our  culture, created new forms of labour, communication, evaluation, making sense or doing art. Technology, Internet and the Internet of Things have allowed us to reach more diverse audiences and networks, resulting in a much wider, and faster impact.

Potential research topics to be discussed include:

  • How can we access our wealth of information and deliver our message or service, if technology is not available? Can we re-mediate, hack, find alternative solutions?
  • How might we enable remote and distributed work, activities and networks  to manifest themselves more robustly in physical domains; in place as well as space?
  • Can we make our disciplines resilient by making them talk to each other?
  • How do we develop concepts and tools to understand our new everyday lives?

This Impossible Partnership will be led by Alex Evans (Kingston) and Dr Olga Goriunova (Royal Holloway) and will be of interest to researchers who write about technology, design it, test it and hack it. We welcome contributions from those working at the intersection of culture and technology and large tech entrepreneurs with an interest in technology and the social.

Impossible Partnerships: a series of small-scale, informal, convivial meetings, developed and curated by TCCE to boost the collaborative potential of  projects and topics, in order to support new networks between research and the creative sectors. Throughout the year, we map common trends among researchers and entrepreneurs, tackling topics from a variety of angles. As a result, we foster aggregate of collaborative networks will thrive, develop across institutions, and reach out beyond the academy.

Please Register here, by March 7th.

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