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3rd July, 2018

TCCE Summer Symposium: Refresh, Reboot, Retool: new imaginaries for challenging times

Event Details

3rd July, 2018
15:00 - 18:00
The Art Workers' Guild
6 Queen Square
£25 - £45

TCCE is delighted to announce its summer symposium: Refresh, Reboot, Retool: new imaginaries for challenging times. Bringing together academics, artists, creatives, policy-makers and people from other sectors, Refresh Reboot, Retool: new imaginaries for challenging times sets out to create a space in which to encourage debate, conversation, play, knowledge exchange and co-creation about some of our most important contemporary challenges including: politics, diversity, identity, place and environment.

At a point where our futures feel arguably increasingly uncertain and volatile, and where atmospheres of anxiety are pervasive, this symposium is a space to take time to talk, take stock and reflect on how we might imagine and indeed create conditions for positive change. It sets out to act a space where questions on the civic duties and responsibilities of institutions and organisations can be mooted.

Furthermore it invites us to consider how we might sensitise ourselves to the needs of seemingly diffuse and disparate, yet intensely related issues and concerns, such as identity and environment? How might we do this better and what is that we need in order to do so? Knowledge, imagination, generosity, tenacity, new ways of working/seeing or hearing, abilities to affect or mobilise change, abilities to reset, withdraw and reboot? Such are the questions that will be attempted. We cordially invite you to join us but we can only guarantee that we will leave with more questions than we start with.

After the symposium, delegates are invited to stay with us for the launch of TCCE’s new report documenting our recently completed national pilot project, National Academics and Creatives Exchange (The Exchange), funded by ACE and HEFCE between 2015 – 2017.

For over a decade, TCCE (and its previous iteration LCACE) has been curating events and spaces to bring together research and the arts around issues of mutual concern and possibility. We produce events such as Refresh, Reboot, Retool to showcase the rich and sometimes unexpected interconnections between research, the arts and wider world(s) and to act as a vehicle for enquiring how, by working together, we might realise the best potential of our knowledge, skills, networks and creativity.

Confirmed contributors include: Colin Grant (Author and Historian), Mark Prest (Artist), Ruth Catlow (Co-Director, Furtherfield), Tony White (Author), Professor Toby MillerKasia Molga (Artist), Nick Makoha (Poet). Full contributor details will be announced in early June.

If you are a TCCE member and would like to book, please contact us at

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We are very excited to announce our Summer Symposium! July 3 we will be joined by these inspiring people among others @colincraiggrant, @olygamy, @NickMakoha, @tony_white_, @greencitizen Book your place here

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