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Posted on: 3rd February, 2014

Wild Walk: Helping to develop a phenological clock

Event Details

Posted on:
3rd February, 2014

Part of
TCCE London Winter Walking Weekend 

Exploring natural seasonal events and enlisting observers/documenters for the local urban spring emergence. 

Walk Guide: Fran Gallardo and Kathryn Yusoff, Queen Mary University (with video link to Natalie Jeremijenko, Goldsmiths, NYU)

Duration: about an hour and a half

Plus special guest: Duncan Sivell
. A world renowned expert in diptera and beetle species and a curator from the Natural History Museum, offering a unique perspective of urban biodiversity from the beetle point of view.

Designed to introduce the walkers to local urban flora and fauna, the aim of this highly participative walk is to encourage people to take pictures of budding and blooming and other phenological events. These will then be uploaded to contribute to the development of local Phenological Clock.  This is a clock that displays the times of blooming, budding, fruiting and migration events of local natural systems. Phenology is our most sensitive indicator of climate destabilization. The capacity to redesign our collective relationship to natural systems depends on our knowledge and intuitions of the complex web of interconnections that produce a healthy urban environment. This representation of time via the phonological clock aims to help point us towards a biodiverse and healthy future.

Participants will be encouraged to continue their own ongoing observations and image collection throughout the season.

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