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Posted on: 30th September, 2015

Inside Out Festival 2015: Bloodlines

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Posted on:
30th September, 2015

What happens in the body and the mind of a young man with a deadly disease? This powerful performance portrays the extreme bodily experience of someone going through the most aggressive cancer treatment: a stem cell transplant.

Bloodlines was created by Chimera, a team of artists, medics and researchers, including a leukaemia survivor and his transplant donor. The makers will reflect on the project in a post-show discussion that covers cancer, the arts and medical science, and the social value of research.

Post-performance discussion with:

Dr Alex Mermikides (Kingston University, Drama)
Dr Milton Mermikides (University of Surrey, Music)
Adam Kirkham (choreographer/dancer)
Rebecca Seymour (performer/trained doctor)
Viv Rocha (dancer)
Anna Tanczos (Scicomms Studios)
Andrew Nasrat (Kingston University, Drama)

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