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Posted on: 11th March, 2016

North Greenwich: A Creative Frontier

Event Details

Posted on:
11th March, 2016

 © Ravensbourne

Part of
‘Walking the City’ TCCE Annual Walking Weekend 2016

Walk Guide: Layton Reid, Ravensbourne

Duration: about 90 minutes

A walk looking at the place-making that has enabled the development of  the Greenwich Peninsula.

The development of the Peninsula, since the great Millennium extravaganza, has been a slow process, from perceived costly white elephant to, now the site of the most successful entertainment venue in the world, visible from space and the home of the UK’s leading Design and Communication University.

The development and its architectural and political language has set the scene for investigating a new urban landscape.

The walk will explore the power of architecture to change place and perception.

The walk starts at Ravensbourne and ends at Scape, with entry into the 02, and the Gateway’s ‘NOW’ Gallery.

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