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Posted on: 11th March, 2016

Poetic Places

Event Details

Posted on:
11th March, 2016

   © Sarah Cole

Part of
‘Walking the City’ TCCE Annual Walking Weekend 2016

Walk Guide: Sarah Cole (Time/Image) and Stella Wisdom (The British Library)

Duration: about 60 minutes

A guided walk along the river Thames from Monument to Westminster, using the ‘Poetic Places’ app, to experience poetry and art connected to these locations.

Poetic Places is a collaborative project between the British Library and TIME/IMAGE that aspires to give a renewed sense of place, to bring together written works and images to mean more than they do alone, and to bring literature into people’s everyday life in unexpected moments. 

Using the Poetic Places mobile app, participants will encounter poems and literature in the specific locations described, guided and brought to life by creators Stella Wisdom and Sarah Cole. Participants will be taken on a journey through the evocative visual materials drawn from archive collections.

The walk with start at Monument and end at Westminster Abbey.

Suitable for any level of fitness.
The free app will be provided prior to the walk for use on your own device. Compatible with iOS and Android.

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