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29th June, 2018


GuildhallSchool Red

Event Details

29th June, 2018
14:00 -
Tate Exchange, Tate Modern

A series of performances and participative installations by Masters students from the Guildhall School.

This year’s Curious marks the first time that Barbican Guildhall Creative learning has worked with Tate Exchange as an Associate. The work presented addresses Tate Exchange’s current theme of ‘Production’ through individual investigations and artistic enquiries and incorporates a new collaboration with artists from the Feminist Library.

The audience will be able to come and go: watch, listen, wander, be surprised, have chats with artists, participate, comment and discuss.

This is for anyone who is keen to experience progressive live art forms in intriguing, provocative ways: one-to-one, group encounters, informal chat and micro happenings intended to generate discussion and fresh ways of seeing the established collection through experiencing new work.

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Ellen O'Hara

Really critical conversation - enabling financial security and independence so important esp. for those with little no access to £ support from family/friends as their build their careers. Essential if we want to see a diverse and resilient sector. Bravo 👏👏…

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