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12th June, 2018

When The Dust Settles

Event Details

12th June, 2018
End Date:
13th June, 2018
Citizens Theatre, 119 Gorbals St, Glasgow, G5 9DS
£1.60 - £3

Dissatisfied with the status quo, three anarchists are tipped over the edge when an MP unveils a proposal that will decimate healthcare for all but the richest and most powerful.

Fuelled by political passion, and the unwavering belief in their cause, the trio decide to kidnap the politician and hold him hostage until he decides to renege on his harmful promises. However, desperation descends when they realise they have no idea what to do next. As tension builds, and the group is torn between doing what is right and saving their own skins, their actions grow ever more extreme.

Artists – Harry Pitches, Rowan Smith, James Cockrell, Ben Chinapen, Sam James.

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