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15th January, 2019

KNOW Dialogues in Urban Equality – The Role of Urban Land Markets


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15th January, 2019
403, Senate House, London WC1E7HU

The “Dialogues in Urban Equality” series is a London-based monthly seminar that provides a space of encounter to discuss the challenges of urban equality through different perspectives, geographies, and voices.

The sixth in our series will focus on Land markets as key drivers of urban inequality. In cities across the global South, the urban poor are forced to live on risky land, excluded from formal land markets, and displaced by market forces. Through urban land markets and unjust land use planning, social and economic inequalities become spatialised within the city. And yet, land markets also represent an important opportunity to leverage fairer and more equal cities. Thinking beyond binaries of formal-informal, planned-unplanned, we invite you to join us to discuss the significance of urban land for building pathways to urban equality.

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