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16th January, 2019

The Digital Performer in Physical Actor Training: An Online A-Z


Event Details

16th January, 2019
17:00 - 18:00
Studio 2,
Jarman Building,
University of Kent,

 If we want to research and analyse acting, especially physical acting, how do we talk or write about movement, space, rhythm, sound and voice, as well as the training process? What are the limitations of text for this and how can digital media support such training and research?

Physical Actor Training – an online A-Z is a foundational digital resource created by Paul Allain with fellow actor trainer Frank Camilleri and filmmakers Peter Hulton and Stacie Lee Bennett, and with trainees from the University of Kent. In 2018, Methuen Drama Bloomsbury published the A-Z as part of Drama Online.It includes over 60 short films which aim to show the complexity of the training process, giving voice to the trainees and opening up new digital and self-reflexive ways of training for today’s students and practitioners. This illustrated talk will present the background to and introduce the project.

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Ellen O'Hara

Really critical conversation - enabling financial security and independence so important esp. for those with little no access to £ support from family/friends as their build their careers. Essential if we want to see a diverse and resilient sector. Bravo 👏👏…

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