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12th March, 2019

Artist Talks – Kathrin Bohm


Event Details

12th March, 2019
17:00 - 19:00
Clocktower Lecture Theatre,
Chatham Historic Dockyard
United Kingdom

Kathrin Böhm is a London based artist whose collaborative work focuses on the collective (re-)production of public space, trade as public realm and the everyday as a starting point for culture.

Kathrin is a founding member of the international artist group Myvillages (Myv), the artist initiative Keep it Complex – Make it Clear (KIC), art and architecture collective Public Works (pw), and the Centre for Plausible Economies. She set up arts enterprise Company Drinks in 2014 and the Haystacks series in 2013.

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Ellen O'Hara

Really critical conversation - enabling financial security and independence so important esp. for those with little no access to £ support from family/friends as their build their careers. Essential if we want to see a diverse and resilient sector. Bravo 👏👏…

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