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2nd April, 2020

As You Like It

Event Details

2nd April, 2020
End Date:
4th April, 2020
West London Campus
£4.15 - £8.15

As You Like It is Shakespeare’s famous pastoral comedy where royal cousins Rosalind and Celia run away to the forest with their jester Touchstone, after Rosalind is banished from Duke Frederick’s court.

We have transposed the play to modern-day Summer Solstice in the Forest of Arden. Summer Solstice captures the jubilant, festival quality of the text where the discovery of love and freedom reign. The festival celebrates the longest day of the year and the sun’s power to fuel harvest which attracts a full variety of people from every walk of life to connect with nature. The presence of both the sun and – in contrast – the moon represent both masculine and feminine energy which reflects the disguises that the banished royal cousins take in the woodland; Rosalind as a young man and Celia as a shepardess. Rosalind’s disguise as Ganymede enables her to demonstrate her full personality to Orlando whilst he falls in love with her on equal ground.

The play both explores and celebrates gender and sexuality in a fluid and organic way to discover our true and authentic selves.

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