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1st April, 2020

The Government Inspector


Event Details

1st April, 2020
End Date:
4th April, 2020
Webber Douglas Studio, Central
£5 - £10

In a small provincial town, a mysterious stranger is mistaken for an important government official. Fearful that their corrupt goings-on will be discovered, the unscrupulous inhabitants attempt to flatter, bribe and flirt their way out of their predicament. The penniless upstart thoroughly enjoys the attention and takes full advantage…chaos and confusion ensue.

Gogol, inspired by an idea from Pushkin, wrote this comic masterpiece at the end of 1835. The play premiered at the Aleksandrinsky Theatre, St Petersburg, in the presence of Tsar Nicholas II and Gogol himself. Stanislavsky directed it twice; in 1908 and in 1921, with Anton Chekhov’s nephew Michael Chekhov giving a virtuosic performance as Khlestakov.

By Nikolai Gogol

Translated and adapted by Alistair Beaton
Director – Anna Healey

Performed by MA Acting Classical

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