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6th October, 2020

Place versus digital: always at odds? Read more

There is no denying that ‘place’ is the theme of the moment in knowledge exchange. Research England has asked universities to discuss their local and regional delivery and impact in narratives for the KEF, place-based funding initiatives in KE (like the SiPF) are underway and more are likely to come along soon, and the theme […]

Dr Mark Grey

3rd September, 2020

Responding to BEIS R&D Roadmap survey Read more

During Summer 2020, government department BEIS set out their R&D roadmap and opened a consultation asking for responses to the following set of questions about the future direction of research in the UK. The questions were as follows:  How can we best increase knowledge and understanding through research, including by achieving bigger breakthroughs?  How can […]

Evelyn Wilson, Director TCCE

15th July, 2020

Lockdown Arts Read more

The COVID-19 pandemic has left us all adjusting to a very different way of life.  Several of us are home schooling for the first time and many are working from home as we all try to stay safe in our houses and ‘bubbles’.  The outbreak has left many of us feeling unsettled. Understandably people feel […]

Elaine McNeill, Student Development Coordinator Liverpool School of Art and Design

7th July, 2020

Is there a post-pandemic zeitgeist? Read more

Where on earth do we go from here?  I have always been suspicious of the notion of zeitgeist, but will there be a ‘post-pandemic’ one and what will it mean for the arts? Coming out of epidemics and pandemics is problematic for one very obvious reason. Until herd immunity through vaccination or exposure, or virus […]

Dr Mark Gray

7th July, 2020

Resilience in the “new normal” Read more

At the beginning of lockdown, I started to think about resilience, specifically organisational resilience. I re-examined an article I wrote about commercialisation of the arts and updated this in the light of covid-19 and social distancing rules. As we enter a new stage of the pandemic, arts organisations and businesses might start to think about […]

Claire Pattison Enterprise Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University

2nd June, 2020

Social Media, Lockdown and Heteroglossic Stew Read more

Right then. What shall I do today? And what about tonight? What are my options?  Well, I could go on a walk. I know some really good walks now; long walks, through bluebell woods, past streams. I’ve got the hang of the walkers etiquette. Stand to one side, say hello, thankyou, smile, breathe in as […]

Dr Rebekka Kill

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